29 agosto 2019 Ancora sulla prima toma

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Buongiorno. Sto leggendo un bellissimo libretto dell’inizio del novecento il cui titolo è “L’anima dell’indiano”, scritto da Ohiyesa, nel 1911. Dice cose chiare, pulite, senza rabbia; riporta all’essenziale, all’Astratto, e non fa teoria. Mi piace assai il suo modo di dire, e non posso fare a meno di collegarlo alla gente della foresta. Riporto: "La [...]

August 25th, 2019 – Coyote doesn’t sleep – When we first met Carlos.

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Goodmorning. Today I would like to share an image in order to help the readers, and myself too, to orientate towards the direction of this blog. There is a difference between writing a book and share something that is happening: in the first case the writing is already inside the writer, in the second life [...]

August 24th, 2019 – Night-time in Quito

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Goodmorning. This morning I needed to put order towards the way I was carring out this blog: I lost myself between past and future, or, better, I mislayed the present. Read back a travel diary so detailed, almost daily, full of flashbacks, with the will of drawing inspiration to tell a today and outline a [...]

August 23rd, 2019 – Therapist of myself

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Goodmorning. Once again, the healing aspect is central in what is turning around this project: I left for the Amazon to recover, but I didn't know what that, exactly, meant. There are many definitions, for the word "healing", and we could itemize them, but once, fourty years ago, when I took the road of becoming [...]