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The house how it was 30 years ago, when we became owners and custodians.



In this lastest period, when great changes are occurring everywhere, we and our activities also participate in that transformation.

Therefore, the Agricultural Company, the Association, and the B&B have been closed, and the house and land that have hosted these activities for almost 30 years, is currently for sale.

We are looking for those who will have the impulse and desire to take care of this place, ideas and energy to accompany the  house in its next transformation.

We bought this house, and since then the whole place has been transformed following a dream.

What used to be the stable has thus become the kitchen and living room, with a large fireplace; the upper floor, where hay was once accumulated for the beasts, has taken the form of a large salon with ancient beams, wooden floor and stone walls, and has hosted sharing sessions, circus art performances, music, painting, dance, and even the birth of a child.

Every room in the house has a stove or fireplace as heating, fueled with the wood from the surrounding.

In ancient times there was a chestnut drying room, a small stone building, which is now an attached little house for hospitality.

The surrounding has also been transformed, and where there was a large pergola to provide shade, there is now a glass veranda, which welcomes plants too delicate to be outdoors all year round, and allows you to enjoy the landscape even during the winter days, thanks to the ancient stove inside.

With passing this place to people with new energy and similar dreams, we want to close a circle.


Details of House and Surrounding Land of the property located in Lodisio Costa 2, 17058 Piana Crixia (Savona)


Ground floor:

  • Large kitchen-livingroom with fireplace and stove, of approx. 35 sqm, connected with a heated, three-sided veranda with windows, also 35 sqm;
  • Bathroom and pantry;
  • Stairs to the first floor;
  • External storage room;
  • woodshed;
  • Main working space of approx. 32 sqm, in two communicating rooms, fully compliant and provided with ASL certification, once used for beekeeping, it is also authorized for other processes, such as chees, wine, herbs, etc;
  • Second working space of approx. 25 sqm, currently used as an exhibition space and herb drying;
  • Detached house consisting of a room with mezzanine and large bathroom, all newly built, with kitchen below, indipendent heating and hot water system;
  • Stone paved courtyard accesible by car, with spaces and shelters for wood.

First floor:

  • Large livingroom of 60 sqm, three large arched double glass windows, ancient beams;
  • Attic bedroom of 26 sqm, large arched double glass windows, parquet;
  • Bedroom with two double glass windows and fireplace, 22sqm;
  • Bedroom with two double glass windows and woodstove, 21 sqm;
  • Dressing room and bathroom;
  • Indipendent external acces;
  • Bedroom with two double glass windows and woodstove, 21 sqm.

Further external constructions:

  • One wooden tool shed with a small canopy;
  • Two cadastral registerd ruins, south of the main house;
  • One third ruin on two floors, registerd, about 50 meters from the main house on the west side.


Our horses were free liveing in an enclosure of about one hectare, flanked by a barn with capacity of about 660 bales of hay, drinking deposits, running water, and an extra water tank system, two training rods, respectively 16 and 12 meters in diameter.

The enclosure adjoins another, more or less of the same size, and a third enclosure, of half an hectare, has an entrance about 50 meters from the main house to the east side.


the farm, until a few years ago, boasted a couple of hectares planted with aromatic and medicinal herbs: the extension has been greatly reduced, but there are still several herbal beds around the house, and fruit trees.

A well is part of the herbal laboratory.

Plots of vegetable gardens for a total of about 500 sqm are around the house, partly fenced and served by running water.


three springs, two of which are actives, are inside the property.

A further well next to the house gives water to the gardens and platation.


The property has about 10,5 hectares of land.

In 2006, with a notary deed, approximately 10.000 sqm of land were bound for a future construction of an extra house of 50 sqm on the east side and an extension of the equipment depot.

The deed is of course still valid for a possible extension of the house.

The access to the property is from the paved municipal road from Piana Crixia to the village of Lodisio; the road leading to the house is partially unpaved and connects a small parking lot, with a capacity of about 4 cars, with the enclosed courtyard facing the main entrance of the house.